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Complete mortgage lending regulatory reporting in one system.

Compliance RELIEF is the mortgage compliance solution that banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders use to compile all of their regulatory reports and submission files within one system. The easy-to-use software improves accuracy and efficiency while reducing errors and compliance risk for HMDA, CRA, NMLS Mortgage Call Reports, geocoding & mapping, and fair lending risk assessment.

And because it’s integrated with leading Loan Origination Systems, data transfer is seamless and report generation only takes one click. In addition, your annual HMDA LAR filing can be submitted with just 5 clicks!

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Compliance RELIEF Modules
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Solve your mortgage lending regulatory reporting quickly and easily!

  • Leverage data about other lenders in your area or a map of where you’re most active to prepare for smooth regulatory examinations
  • Conquer submissions of quarterly NMLS Mortgage Call Reports or other state-mandated reports
  • Subscribe to only the services you require -- no need to pay for what you don’t need
  • Tailor to your organization's needs for compliant, accurate, and rapid results
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